La Marche


Young Lady

Seesayle’s duo with Stephan playing accordion on “Young Lady” (from “Stamina” album) in a charming bucolic place located in belgian Ardennes.


Piano-vocals version, revisited on the screen by Michel Jankowski on the basis of James Whale’s “Frankenstein” (1931)

Clip – A While

From album “Stamina” (2017)


Clip – The Fire

From album “Stamina” (2017)


Clip – By the Way

From album “Stamina” (2017)


Live @ l’An Vert – 2/12/17 by David van Lochem


Music Video – Let Me Out

From album “Stranded” (2014)


Gig at L’An Vert

Recorded on May 24th 2012 in L’An Vert, Liège.

Thanks to ZERO4 for recording this !


Marionnette music video

Marionnette, illustrated by Suffragettesnotdead.

Thank you Dominique Diabolita for having produced this music video!


The Vampire

The 4th of August, 2010. Abbey of Forest. Seesayle plays as support act for And Also The Trees.

The excerpt below proves that she was wrong to taunt the vampires. They can (that is scientifically proven) get their revenge, cutting the venue’s power, forcing her to keep on singing a cappella, in the dark. They can even force her to sing in Hungarian…


In five beats…

“Five”, recorded during Luna’s birthday at the Petit Barrio, on 28th of April 2010.


Hep taxi !

Broadcasted on the 18th of April 2010 on Belgian television RTBF, where Seesayle meets French singer Alain Souchon.


Dormir Debout, live at Soirées Cerises

Recorded live at Theatre de la Flute Enchantee in Brussels, on the 1st of March 2009, by Florin7.