Between Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Portishead, Seesayle tunes humors and moods by means of her voice and her instruments. Dreamlike and eclectic, her sound universe is inspired by the romantic alternative pop, cabaret songs, and traditional music from the North and the East of Europe. Alone on stage, she accompanies her personal compositions with guitar, keyboard, violin, and occasionnaly  a frog.

“Refreshing support act Seesayle, very much An Pierlé with a klezmer twist.” (The Cranes)


“… An alternative rock with Balkan or Scandinavian accents. An enchanting voice. Her music transports you to Merlin the Wizard, the elfs, the fairies. A whole phantasmagorical universe…” (Michel Preumont – Music in Belgium)

“Solo project of a multi-instrumentalist singer who, according to her compositions, uses either keyboard, violin or guitar. This small Gothic puppet proposes us a ” rockmantic “, intriguing, rich, sometimes warm, and sometimes charmingly icy music. She expresses herself as well in English, in French or in Seesaylandish, an attractive invented and melodious language which invites to the dream. » (Daniel Joris – Dragonland)